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 Your dog trainers in Houston

About Us

We have 30 years of professional experience designing and implementing training programs.  We train dogs through positive experiences and important communication techniques so that you can create a balanced environment with your dog.

Our Mission

Our mission in our pet care and boarding is to create a safety and familiar place where your dog can feel the same love as you give him/her.
Every day must be a fun day for your dog.  We want to be the foremost loving doggy retreat in the area so we design a special day-to-day program from each one of our guests, because we understand that each one is special and unique.  We play, run, and hug them just as you do.
We are a five member family: Manuel, Carla, Shanti, Danelle and Lola. We are all involved in the world of dogs. We are a family business that loves dogs and we love your dog too. That is why we are committed to help families  improve people/doggy cohabitation.

Your dog trainers in Houston

Our History

Manuel had a deeply rooted love and affinity for dogs and animals since he was a kid. He started to train dogs since he was a little boy.  That´s why he studied a career in veterinary medicine, a profession that he practiced for more than 13 years. Fate, however, gave him the opportunity to work full time in the world of working dogs.

Manuel has had the opportunity to travel and meet people from different countries who have dedicated their lives to the care, breeding and training of dogs in different specialties.

Dog Training in Houston | K9 PW Training and Boarding

The experience Manuel gained in those years has given him the opportunity to contribute to the care of people through the working dogs world and has made him dedicate the rest of his life to the fabulous world of dogs.

Currently, Manuel has a company that specializes in developing k9 police dogs and he knows that families might experience several problems with their pups and dogs, that was the reason that Manuel started K9PW Training and Boarding, where all the members of his family are involved.

We are a family that loves dogs, so we love your dog too.

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