Do you sometimes have communication problems with those adorable tail waggers? 


We love dogs

and we love your dog too so,


We can help you with all of these and beyond!

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We Have Everything Your Pet Needs


K9 PW  does a thorough, personal diagnosis of families and their waggy-tailed friends.   We provide different options for co-existence improvements eventhough we have taylormade options according to your needs.



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Don´t have to lock up your doggy 8 to 10 hours in a kennel because he/she can develop other problems such as anxiety and behavioral issues.  Includes: Socializing, playing and exercising, feeding, vigilance.

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Are you searching for someone who can love your dog just as you do? Well, Search no more! Because every dog is unique and special we make a special program for each dog. Limited availability. OUR SYSTEM PREFERS QUALITY TO QUANTITY

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Every family is different and every family deserves the perfect match for them.  We walk you through the process of finding a new furry family member. Whether you are searching for a special breed or if you want to rescue a dog, we can guide you until all hearts are happy.

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Manuel had a deeply rooted love and affinity for dogs and animals since he was a kid. He started to train dogs since he was a little boy.  That´s why he studied a career in veterinary medicine, a profession that he practiced for more than 13 years. Fate, however, gave him the opportunity to work full time in the world of working dogs.

Manuel has had the opportunity to travel and meet people from different countries who have dedicated their lives to the care, breeding and training of dogs in different specialties.

The experience Manuel gained in those years has given him the opportunity to contribute to the care of people through the working dogs world and has made him dedicate the rest of his life to the fabulous world of dogs. 

Currently, Manuel has a company that specializes in developing k9 police dogs and he knows that families might experience several problems with their pups and dogs, that was the reason that Manuel started K9PW Training and Boarding, where all the members of his family are involved. 


We are a family that loves dogs, so we love your dog too. 




Meet the family - The best team

We are a five member family: Manuel, Carla, Shanti, Danelle and Lola. We are all involved in the world of dogs. We are a family business that loves dogs and we love your dog too. That is why we are commited to help families  improve people/doggy cohabitation.






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Our satisfied costumers speak for us.


Melody Stevens

"I would like to recommend Carla and her family to you guys. Our dogs play together and before knowing she ran this business, I've had the pleasure to observe her around other dogs. Her passion for animals goes beyond the business, she's gentle and speaks very softly to the animals. I would highly recommend her.."

Cecilia Fernandez

"I know Manuel a long time ago. He Is very patient with his clients and have awesome results in every dog he train."

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Alejandra Rutledge

If you want peace of mind when you travel there is no place better than K9. Manuel and Carla will care for your fur babies as if they were their own. I have two dogs, one of them is a spoiled princess, the other a special needs dog. I don’t usually board them but this year I was traveling for two weeks and had no other choice. During my time away I received sweet pictures and videos of my babies and communicated back and forth with K9 PW. I had total confidence that they were having a great time and being spoiled just like at home. I am very grateful for that! Thanks Carla and Manuel!

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Jessica Cunningham

"I would like to give a shout out to Manuel and Carla. My dog spent the day there today and had so much fun. He learned so much today. We felt at ease with them right away. They were so good with Ozzy and he loved their dog Lola. Lola is an amazing Boxer. She is so sweet and gentle and took to him right away. What an amazing experience. We are so pleased. Thank you again for an excellent experience. You don't get this kind of experience at the larger boarding facilities. They give your dog attention and don't just lock them up in a kennel all day. I also got several videos of him today which was so cool. Thanks again and we will see you next week."

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Patricia Paras Gomez

"Excellent service, and for my pet the best place to be !!
Highly recommended."

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Adriana González Treviño

"Love the way you trained and treated my dog. Excellent results!! Highly recommended."

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Cassandra Ashe

We used them to board our family dog this week and would recommend anyone who wants their dog cared for in a family environment to utilize their services. Our dog came home happy because of the great care she received.

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