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Dog Trainer in Houston | K9 PW Training and Boarding


Be in control of your dog’s behavior with our dog training programs.

The Best Dog Trainer in Houston is Here to HELP!

We Are a dog training family business with more than 30 years of professional experience working with dogs. 


We are aware that what is most useful to owners like you is to have a dog in balance with other dogs and people.


A dog with no balance can show jumping, pulling on leash, chewing, digging, separation anxiety, lack of recall, nipping, excessive excitement, fear or shyness, counter surfing, excessive vocalization, attention-seeking behavior, compulsive behaviors, inappropriate chasing, overstimulation. Is YOUR dog like this?
Let us help you achieve this balance with our techniques and dog training programs so that you can enjoy the company of your dog in any environment.


Our Services

Dog Training

Dog Training Near Me

Explore our  specialized dog training programs crafted to empower you with control, leadership and effective communication. Our training approach involves collaborative work with both dogs and owners, recognizing that the program's success hinges on gradual, step by step progress.

Free first evaluation.
Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Need a fun and safe place to leave your dog? Are you searching for someone who can love your dog just as you do? Well, search no more!
Our guests enjoy their vacation as much as you do yours in a safety environment. Limited availability.

Our system prefers quality to quantity.

A meet and greet is required to check future guests and campers personality.

Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare service provides your four-legged friends with the fun, exercise, and interplay they need to feel appreciated, balanced, and happier in our 1 acre play area. Bring them to us, and we will take good care of them in a safe, supervised environment.

Includes socializing, feeding, playing, and exercising.

A meet and greet is required to check future guests and campers personality.

Our Services Include

Personal Diagnosis

Socializing With Other Dogs

Playing and Exercising in a 1 acre lot


24 hr Vigilance

Safe and Loving Environment

Walking Dogs

This place was amazing !! If you are looking for a place to leave your dog at and get amazing care this is the place. I never thought my hyper energetic dog was going to learn to walk on a leash next to me correctly. She now knows the rules and now I’m working on re enforcing everything she has learn. Honestly so happy and looking forward to putting her in daycare so she can continue to socialize with other dogs.

k9 PW Training & Boarding

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